We are indenting and trading house in t Pakistan & Afghanistan specialized in the imports of chemicals using for paints, printing inks, rubber, plastic, PVC, EVA, PU and textiles sectors.

We have highly competent specialized sales team to promote our products. It will adhere to our quality policies, persistent improvement and customer satisfactions”, enhance its market development and accelerate its business development.


PE wax, Titanium Dioxide

Lubricants And Pigments

We have PE waxes and solid & liquid lubricants for plastic industries. Titanium dioxide and different pigments are also available. These chemical usually import from Turkey , Malaysia and China.

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One Pack & Metallic Stearates


Vinkimya Private Limited are providing PVC stabilizers and Metallic stearates, including Lead, Calcium and Zinc based. These stabilizer have different grades, according to the customers demand and their appropriate use.

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Plastic Raw Materials
Commercial Importer

Chemicals Distributor/Invendor

Vinkimya Private limited is one of the leading importer in Pakistan And Afghanistan. We provide plastic additives(PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PPRC and lubricants) to different manufacturing units. Vinkimya collaborated with many companies, like TEPE Kimya and Gonto hutai and many more.
Our commitient and quality make us prominent. We never comprise on standard and Qualties

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