Calcium Oxide

HYGROSCOPE PW is a non dusting powder of 85 % calcium oxide coated with Paraffinic oil to delay reactivity and is used as a desiccant in rubber compounds which are cured pressurless (Micro wavesystem, LCM, Hot air or Fluid bed) Moisture which presents in all rubber, especially fillers, will be absorbed and the calcium oxide will change to calcium hydroxide after reaction with the moisture.

HYGROSCOPE PW should be used in order to prevent blisters and porosity in the
following rubber processes;

  • Pressurless continuous curing systems like Micro wave, LCM, Hot air, Fluid beds,
  • Low pressure curing in the cable industry,
  • In cases where the influence of humidity in rubber compounds should be suppressed.
    HYGROSCOPE P can be supplied in sachets containing any weight between 0.5 kg and 20 kg to suit customers requirements at no extra cost.
Chemical characteristics: Calcium oxide coated by Paraffinic Oil
APPEARANCE: Light gray, non dusting powder
CaO content: 85 % ±2
Density: approx. 2.37 g/cm³
Storage Stability: 1 year under cool and dry storage conditions originally packing







PACKING : cardboard boxes containing 15, 20 or 25 kg net