Save Money, Better Solutions

VinKimya Private Limited is a sustainable chemical supply organization, that spreads its business around the globe while focusing on differential products. Likewise, we provide sustained access to raw materials for our customers in the competitive market.

VinKimya teams consist of highly experienced professional engineers, technicians, and sales staff, using modern technology, to pursue a continuous supply for our customers. 

VinKimya prefers its customers and staff members to work toward their common goal of maintaining our position as a globally recognized company. 


VinKimya Objectives: Customer Satisfaction and Trustworthy Relationships.

SUSTAINABILITY: We aim to build a sustainable business based on:

HUMAN RESOURCES: Finding qualified and right people to keep developing our sustainable strategy.

ECONOMIC GROWTH: Meeting needs, ensuring the rights of our customers, and providing added value. Continuously improving our products and services.

SOCIAL PROGRESS:  Creating a good and safe working environment, complying with regional laws, rules, and regulations, and contributing to local community development

3P Strategy.

Chemical Products: Our products are reliable and competitive. We never compromise the product’s quality and standard.

Products Availability: Chemical products can be in demand. It is available in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Price: First, visualize the product quality, and second, discuss the price. We have a minimum profit to facilitate our customers. Therefore, we are competitive in the market.