HTR-968 Rutile Titanium Dioxide

1. Product Description:

HTR-968 is an Rutile Ttitanium Dioxide manufactured by the sulphate process, after Zirconium & Aluminum
inorganic coating and special organic treatment. It’s a high cost-effective product aiming at the demand of
market with low heavy metal content, non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmental protection.

2. Advantages:
 Excellent whiteness & pigment properties,
 High purity,
 High covering power,
 Ease of dispersion,
 High tint strength,
 Uniform particle size distribution,
 Low oil absorption,
 High weather resistance,
 Good hydrophilic & lipophilicity,
 Good durability,
 High stability.

3. Applications:
HTR-968 is for general purpose, which can be used in a wide range of industries such as: paint, coating, powder
coating, printing ink, plastic, textile, paper marking, rubber, leather, stone etc.

4. Technical Specifications:(Standard:GB/T1706-2006)