VinKimya (Private) Limited is a profound indenting, trading, and manufacturing house in
Pakistan and Afghanistan specialize in the import of industrial chemicals. 

Our products are handled and promoted by a highly competent, specialized team. Vinkimya products are leading in the market because we never compromise on quality, persistent improvement, or customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to act and behave as a more professional and trust-worthy intender, trader, and manufacturer for our current and potential customers. VinKimya (Private) Limited. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals, with many years of experience in the field. VinKimya (PRIVATE). Limited is capable of supplying various customers in different industries with suitable quality ground calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, zinc stearate, PVC stabilizer, PE wax, calcium stearate, blowing agent, optical brightener, titanium dioxide, carbon black, color pigments, etc. The company’s main markets are polymers, painting, and writing, as well as construction.


Vinkimya Products:

  1. PVC Stabilizers: Lead-Based (Pipes and Fitting Grade)
  2. PVC Stabilizer Ca/Zn (Pipes and Fitting Grade)
  3. PVC Stabilizer Lead and Ca/Zn-Based Cable Grades for High Fire Resistance Cables
  4. Ba/Zn (Liquid Stabilizer)
  5. Ba/Cd/Zn (Liquid Stabilizer)
  6. Tin Stabilizer (Methyl Tin Stabilizer)
  7. Lubricants
  8. Blowing Agent
  9. DOP
  10. Titanium Dioxide (Rutile or Anatase)
  11. Carbon Black
  12. Lead Stearate TP-28
  13. Zinc Stearate ZN-55
  14. Pigments (organic and inorganic)
  15. Silicone Emulsions: 35% and 60%
  16. Polyol, Isocynate, Hardener, and Catalyst (PU System)
  17. PU-based synthetic resin
  18. EVA Resin
  19. PVC Resin
  20. PVC Compounds for Pipe, Fitting, and Cables