STAB TP 3290

Lead Based One Pack Stabilizer

Lead based complex stabilizer.

This stabilizer is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of pressure pipe, big diameter pipe and corrugated electrical pipe and PVC profile.

STAB TP 3290 is also used in other rigid PVC process, it is very effective heat and light stabilizer and it has a very well balanced internal & external lubrication. Exceptionally good for high speed applications.

Form : Flakes
Colour : White
Lead Content : % 37.5 ± 1
Moisture : % 1.0 max.
Bulk Density : 700 ± 10






  • Pressure Pipe
  • Big Diameter Pipe
  • Corrugated Electrical Pipes
  • Rigid PVC Processes
  • PVC Profile

1.9 – 2.3 phr depending on the processing condition and the type of the materials to be produced.

25 Kgs net Paper or PP bags.