Stab Ba/Cd/Zn Liquid Stabilizer

Calcium – Zinc Stabilizer for 105 ⁰C




Stab Ba/Cd/Zn is Organic Mixture of Barium Cadmium and Zinc.
– Suitable for flexible calendered products with transparency requirement.
– Excellent weatherability for finished products.
– Economical grade liquid stabilizer to be co-used with powder stabilizer.
– Excellent initial color and heat stability.
– Excellent miscibility with PVC resin and plasticizers.
– Improved heat stability when co-used with ESBO.
– Good anti plate-out property.
– Good anti-bleeding property.

Appearance : Clear brown solution
Specific Gravity : 0.930 ± 0.030 (30℃)
Viscosity : 20 ± 15 cps(30℃)
Metal content : 6%






PACKING : In 185kg iron drum
Storage and Handling
Please store in a cool, dry area. Shelf-life is at least one year if stored properly. Containers should be kept sealed when not in use.

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