VinKimya (Private) Limited is a profound indenting, trading, and manufacturing house in Pakistan and Afghanistan, specializing in the imports of industrial chemicals. Our products are handled and promoted by a highly competent team, and our focus is on quality control, persistent improvement, and customer satisfaction.

We have a qualified sales department and technical engineers. Our well-developed technical staff does their best to use their products. We are not only providing services for sale but also after-sale so that customers can get the maximum benefit from our products. We believe that a WIN-WIN situation is the key to our success.

VinKimya strategic direction: is to grow a sustainable business and spread throughout the world. while focusing on value-added differential products; looking to secure access to materials in order to supply at a lower cost in higher growth regions.

VinKimya team consists of highly experienced professional engineers, technicians, and sales staff, using modern technology, in pursuit of supplying a highly efficient and dependable service for all our customers. 

We are proud of our workforce and recognize the contribution of our valued and respected employees; with effort given to their training and development. We are ready to present our dedicated and professional service to each customer at any time.

VinKimya Values: We aim to enable all employees to work towards the common goal of maintaining our position as a globally recognized company. Our aim is to act and behave as a more professional and trust-worthy indenter, trader, and manufacturer for our current and potential customers, with the intention of forming a long-lasting relationship.

VinKimya Objectives: Customer Satisfaction. Team building, meeting commitment, time on delivery, and smooth flow of materials.

Trust-worthy bond. Coordinating with customers,

VinKimya Slogan;  Save Money, Better Solutions


Chemicals are what we need to develop better products.

Plastic Raw Materials
Commercial Importer

Chemicals Distributor/Indentor

VinKimya Private Limited is one of the leading importers in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We provide plastic additives (PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PPRC, and lubricants) to different manufacturing units. VinKimya collaborated with many companies, like TEPE Kimya, Gonto Hutai, and many more.Our commitment and quality make us prominent. We never compromise on standards or qualities.

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PE wax, Titanium Dioxide, and Pigments

Lubricants And Pigments

We have PE waxes, solid and liquid lubricants like metallic stearates for the plastic industry. Titanium dioxide and different pigments are also available. These chemicals are usually imported from Turkey, Malaysia, and China.

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One Pack & Metallic Stearates


VinKimya Private Limited is providing PVC stabilizers and metallic stearates, including lead, calcium, and zinc-based. These stabilizers have different grades according to customer demand and their appropriate use.

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We are an indenting and trading house in Pakistan and Afghanistan, specialising in the imports of chemicals used in the paints, printing inks, rubber, plastic, PVC, EVA, PU, and textiles sectors.

We have a highly competent, specialised sales team to promote our products. It will adhere to our quality policies, persistent improvement, and customer satisfaction to enhance its market development and accelerate its business development.