Fillers and plasticizers both have different results when we are using different kinds of polymers. Plasticized and unplasticized polymers both have various additives. I am talking about the relationship between fillers and plasticizers in shoes, sheets, and cables made of PVC.
Adding fillers makes the polymer rigid and hard while adding plasticizers makes the polymer flexible and stronger. Research shows that when we add fillers, the tensile strength of the polymer becomes stronger; however, the elongation is reduced.
On the other hand, the addition of plasticizers makes the polymer flexible. Research shows that when we add plasticizer, the tensile strength of the polymer becomes weak; however, the elongation is improved.
This research is used to understand the behaviour of polymers and make them more proficient for different purposes.
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There are various kinds of problems related to the pipe manufacturing industry, especially for those who are producing extrusion PVC.
Common pipe manufacturing problems!
Some of our customers face the wavy nature of the pipe on the inside.
Sometimes excessive extrusion thickness is used in pipe manufacturing.
It has been observed that some pipes have line steaks and scratches on the lower and upper sides of the pipe.

How the cost of pipe production is reduced?
One of them is minimizing the tolerance between the O.D. and I.D. of the pipe.
Second, improve the quality of the formulation by adding additives. The process of compounding must be homogeneous.
The step-up time of the manufacturing cycle should be revised.
Extruder performance increases, which saves electricity and ultimately reduces performance.
Enhance the efficiency of the cooling tank, puller, and overall production equipment.