TEPE KIMYA is our principal company supplying One Pack stabilizer, Zinc Stearate and Calcium Stearate, Lead Stearate and PE waxes and Stab Lubricants.

Mikron’s (TURKCARB) for Calcium carbonates and other calcium-related products.

Kedar Metals is providing us with Red and yellow Lead, Litharge, lead Stearate, TBLS

YOY is famous for Pigments and carbon Black products,

Changsha Linda Chemicals is Optical Brightner UV-Tex, OB, OB1, KCB

Guangdong Hongtai Chemicals deals with Titanium dioxide, we have 7 grades.

Riverside is one of the pigment providers. We have a range of Pigments.

Our customers

Service shoes, Lucky Core Group, Wah Noble Taxila, Bata shoes, ATS Chemicals, Plastic companies